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Juliet Regan III ~ Princess of a Lost Cause~ [Complete]

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Juliet Regan III ~ Princess of a Lost Cause~ [Complete] Empty Juliet Regan III ~ Princess of a Lost Cause~ [Complete]

Post by Juliet Regan III on Sun Feb 06, 2011 6:41 am

General Information
Name: Juliet Regan III
Gender: Female.
Age: 13.
Height: 5'1''.
Weight: 95 lbs.
DOB: October 31st.
Juliet Regan III ~ Princess of a Lost Cause~ [Complete] Flower-1
Juliet Regan III ~ Princess of a Lost Cause~ [Complete] AnimeHolyManBlond
Juliet has blond hair(Quite short, like in the profile picture) and normally red eyes. Blood red eyes. They are not meant to be malicious in any way, they are actually quite innocent and yet tell stories of previous pain to anyone she encounters. When she uses her magic in an "extreme" form her eyes turn blue, like in the picture, but that hasn't happened yet. She isn't that tall yet, but she will be, she is still growing. She doesn't have much of a chest, and likes to dress in normally tomboyish clothes, or robes to cover up her "royal" mark on her shoulder. Although these robes are somewhat royal as well. (Like in the second picture)
Juliet's personality, interesting concept. She has immense emotional strength although she is so timid she seems she could break at the first insult thrown at her. She seems "easy" to hurt or break, but she really is not. Timid and introverted on the outside, but, somewhat determined on the inside. She is intelligent and innocent, somewhat tomboyish. But, because she is royal, she is not allowed to express too much of herself. (This was one of her teachings, growing up.) Hence forth, she's carried some of that learned trait with her to her "teenage" to "adult" life. As she grows, her character will become more dynamic.
Likes: Magic, Paranormal World, Donuts.
Dislikes: Physical pain, Royals and Nobility, War.
Fears: Small fear of the dark. Small fear of powerful magic and "loose" control.
Hemophobia: An extreme and persisting fear of blood.

Character Information
Race: Witch.
Kingdom: First.
Rank: Princess.
Powers: White Magic, Black Magic, Time Magic, Holy Magic. [Because she is royal.]
Limitations: She cannot control time magic and too much use of black magic may put a strain on her body to where she must rest and recharge her strength and ability. As she ages, her durability when she casts black magic will have increased so that she no longer has a strain put upon her. Too much use of healing in white magic may cause a drain in her own "strength." She may begin to feel lightheaded and dizzy, sometimes nauseous. (This is only when she is young.) Also, she is not so able to have "complete" control over holy magic.

Other Information
Family: Erubus Patronus.


Bio: Once upon a time, there was a princess born as the heir to the throne of the First Kingdom, the most renowned of the three that do exist. (No one but the royal family truly knows its name, it just worked out that way.) The baby girl was named Lily Sage Patronus, the daughter of Erubus and Raine Patronus. Her mother was a witch and hid her magical talents for the most part, her father, a warlock, he was opposite; more overt and open with his magical abilities. The world has developed a strong hatred for witches, thus, most of them have been killed off. As was Raine Patronus by her people's cold hands. Nonetheless, time continued. Life went on and Lily grew up.

Now Lily had turned 10 years old. She'd been reading some books, been to school, she was intelligent and she could see clearly through the corruption that was beginning to arise itself in the kingdom she was to rule. Her father became somewhat of a madman and beat man people with violence, he stormed over the kingdom with hatred and ferocity that could be unmatched by even the cruelest of dictators and worst of all, he was exceptionally cold and hurtful to his own daughter, Lily. Seeing this happening and taking this through her composure for 3 years exactly, at 13, Lily decided to run away. She ran far away from the kingdom and was now expressing her desire to commence a new life. Of course, many were after her, but, not only because she was royal, she had the same magical talents her mother possessed. After she ran away, she changed her name to Juliet Regan III. (Of course, how she ran away was through a usage of magic and thus created a rift which joined the worlds together and created the chaos that soon will begin to mix and befall the world.)

At last, she reached a far away land from her home. There was a high school there and there seemed to be large and bustling city with many lights and sounds and things to do. It was populous, always full of people. She was so taken by the sight she saw, she decided to stay there. She'd hoped she'd make friends fast, she even enrolled in the high school. (Thought herself intelligent enough.) She left behind the person she used to be with the exception of a small hinted accent in her voice, some worn old clothes that happened to be adorned with the same royal symbol embroidery patched into her clothing. She thought she could find a new life. Soon that would all but change and the secrets that she kept locked inside her mind would find the keys to unlock them. Lily Sage Patronus/Juliet Regan III is no ordinary girl, in fact, she is me.
Juliet Regan III
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Juliet Regan III ~ Princess of a Lost Cause~ [Complete] Empty Re: Juliet Regan III ~ Princess of a Lost Cause~ [Complete]

Post by Erubus Patronus on Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:35 pm

Approved my daughter...I wish you luck on your journey to the afterlife once i find you..

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