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The Divinity that Conquers All~[Plot Complete!]

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The Divinity that Conquers All~[Plot Complete!]

Post by Juliet Regan III on Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:15 pm

There once were 3 kingdoms named The First Kingdom, The Second Kingdom and The Third Kingdom. The hub of the population lives in one of three kingdoms. Some, it was their choice. Some were born into the kingdom in which they live. And some are trapped within the vices of their kingdom until their life wears thin.

The First Kingdom, a kind ruthlessness that seemed to dominate over the other 2. The king of the first kingdom is a very cruel man. Someone whom only lives and thrives for power. It is a shame, to see such a kind hearted being go to waste in the dakrness of their corruption. Anyway, his name, Erubus Patronus. But what started this whole mess you ask? A witch. One singular, little witch with a mishap in her power caused chaos and maelstrom to sweep across the nations that once existed so "peacefully". Her name, Lily Sage Patrous.

The witch, running from her fate as princess of the First Kingdom, sought refuge someplace far away from where she originally was from. Little did she know that what she had caused was a time rift and nations that were once separate, merging together. Different races, different types of people, different lands were becoming one. This, angered the Gods that so aptly worked to preserve the serene state they accomplished to put the world in in the first place. (They didn't like "the weak ones", otherwise known as people on the Earth, to begin with.) Now, angered by this misfortune, they seek to destroy and kill human kind and perhaps even wreck the world they created with no doubt in their eyes, no hesitation in their souls.

Ninjas, demons, psychics, everyone is trapped within modern day New York City. Where there are schools for the young and naive, the uneducated yet. There are parks and beautiful scenery that has yet to live its full life to the eyes of the passerbys wandering the streets aimlessly. Will this constant state of bedlam last and continue to show its ugly head in the affairs of the people who live on this very planet? Will it cause a split or a coming together...? And most severely, most importantly of all: Will this be the end of life and the end of the world as we know it?~
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