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Nathaniel Logan

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Nathaniel Logan  Empty Nathaniel Logan

Post by Nathaniel on Thu Feb 24, 2011 4:38 am

General Information
Name: Nathaniel Logan
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 233
DOB: Jan. 27
Nathaniel is, to put it bluntly, a large boy. His size had always been greater than others, even those older than himself. His hair a bright gold color with a slight amount of brown underneath hangs loosely on his shoulders. His eyes a bright green like freshly grown grass. His frame is large, yet his muscular tone is shown little. The clothing he wears is often just a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, nothing special.

As large as he may be, Nathaniel is anything but intimidating, or he at least never intends himself to be as such. He is kind, optimistic and quiet at most times, his quietness often leading people to think he is angry or mean when he is just the opposite. If he does talk, he tends to speak with a tone of intelligence and not so often is he familiar with people. Rarely does he let himself be provoked into aggressive acts, and his docile nature often leads him to be targeted by people his age that have issues with their own insecurities, often known to be those who pick on the underclassmen in schools. His time is spent mostly sitting alone doing nothing but running through his own thoughts.

Likes: Music, People, Life
Dislikes: Ignorance, Inferiority, Hate between people
Fears: Death, Loss, His own temper

Character Information
Race: Psychic Human
Job: N/A
Grade: N/A
Psychic abilities:
Ethereal Storage- Nathaniel was born with the ability to keep a maximum of three things in a small dimension he may access.
Unnatural Grace- His limbs flow together with unnerving speed and cooperation.
Blood Manipulation- Spilled blood may be controlled as he wishes and may be freely changed between its liquid form and a nearly impenetrable metal.

Other Information
Family: Maria Logan (Mother), Xylia Logan (Sister)
Extra: N/A


When he was small, Nathaniel looked just like any other child his age, but things seem to change an incredible amount over time. He had been raised in a church by his grandmother (the head of the church), sister and mother since he was three years old, remaining the average size for his age but becoming quite intelligent. At the age of ten, he began to grow at an incredible rate for a child, something not unheard of. Within two months, he was larger than any in his class. Along with his growth spurt came a few abilities. His incredible rate of growth had made him much stronger, yes, but that is a common occurrence for such a thing. He found that he was inhumanly graceful and quick, excelling at sports now as well as academics. His other two abilities were kept secret from others. The first was simple, the ability to keep whatever he wished "with him" at all times without taking up any space. The only oddity shown by this ability was the appearance of the object disintegrating or reintegrating quickly in his hand. Now, his first ability caused him no trouble at all, but the obtaining of this last ability marked the start of trouble in his life.

At fourteen, Nathaniel witnessed a man being shot from a passing truck while walking with his grandmother. They rushed to the man, a pool of blood slowly draining from the man. As Nathaniel drew closer to the man, an odd pattern began to glow red on his arm, and the blood seeping out of the man flowed back into the man, his wound being closed by the drying blood. His grandmother ran from him, proclaiming hi a demon. This hurt him deeply. He had always been kind, and now a woman who had helped raise him fled in fear. This was most likely due to the fact that she was a very religious woman.

That day, as he arrived home, he called "hello" routinely to his mother and sister, but heard no response. He caled to them over and over, but heard nothing. He waited for days, hoping that they would turn up somewhere, but they had disappeared. On top of the fact that his family was missing, his grandmother had spread word of his "demonic" ability throughout his little town, resulting in each person being too afraid to even speak to him. He became distraught, and decided to look for a new start. A place where none knew him. Aplace where he could possibly forget his loving mother and sister's disappearance. Two years later, he ended up in New York.

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Nathaniel Logan  Empty Re: Nathaniel Logan

Post by Juliet Regan III on Sat Mar 12, 2011 5:21 pm

Approved, welcome to the site Nathaniel. May we have great adventures together.
Juliet Regan III
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