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    Sasagawa Ryohei - Sun Guardian -

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    Sasagawa Ryohei - Sun Guardian - Empty Sasagawa Ryohei - Sun Guardian -

    Post by Sasagawa Ryohei on Sun Mar 20, 2011 2:31 am

    General Information

    Sasagawa Ryohei - Sun Guardian - 4a61fb94a88588ab6d8d8ced1beae3ee1237626310_full

    Name: Sasagawa Ryohei
    Alias: Onii-san, Extreme Right
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'6" / 1m68
    Weight: 130 lb / 59 kg
    DOB: August 26
    Ryohei is a average heighted teenager, with short silver hair and a fairly tanned skin from training in the sun.

    His body is sculpted like that of a handsome wargod, his muscles finely chisled to the extreme perfection. He trains every day to the extreme, keeping his body toned and fit for battle and adventure. His hands are large and warm, almost overheating with the fierce blood circulation he has; to keep them in good shape, even in battle, he wear bandages around them, leaving only his fingers out of the white straps of cloth.
    His nose, hit many times in his numerous fights, is now covered with a white band-aid even though it is more or less useless; he just put a new one on it out of habit every single morning.

    Ryohei has angular traits on his face; his eyebrows are always in some sort of concentrated frown but his eyes are filled with extreme feelings, most often with joy or kindness. He always smiles at people and smells of the oinments he uses to ease his muscles after hard daily trainings. Again, those oinments are more used out of habit than need. He has a scar that runs on the left side of his face, crossing his eyebrow and not going lower than his temple.

    The hand-to-hand fighter usually wears a sort of white suit, with a black or grey hoodie under it, because of a picture he had seen of a business man - having been completely entranced by the extreme elegance and manliness of it, he tried to wear the tie and dress-shirt, with the only result to have it ripped in less than five minutes. Deciding on a more practical dress code, he replaced the dress shirt by the hoodie and the slick leather shoes by his usual sneakers. After having admired himself in the mirror after those changes, he had exclaimed that he looked even manlier than before and kept on his strange trend.


    Ryohei Sasagawa (笹川 了平, Sasagawa Ryōhei) is an older brother person, best described as an EXTREME character, who is obsessed with boxing. His motto is to live "to the extreme!", which he applies to everything he does. As such, he prefers to fight his opponents head on, seeing any disadvantage as a chance to improve his fighting skills. He even barged into a zoo, expecting to fight a bear, but ended up fighting a lion instead.

    Every time he sees people, friends or strangers, doing something strange, he gets riled up and wants to be a part of it. Due to Ryohei's enthusiasm, he often rushes into things without fully evaluating the situation, which often results in his injury. He also has a short memory and forgets many important details, something his future-self overcame by writing memos.
    Ryohei is always hiding the truth of his actions -the actions relating to the Mafia- from some people, due to an incident that had happened while he had to battle and injured innocent by standers on accident, battle where he gained his scar. He is deeply concerned forthe people's safety, so he covers up his actual life-or-death battles with the cover story of "Sumo matches" when he has to answer some questions.

    Having started young into the arts of boxing, he considers the martial arts as the extreme of manliness and tries to get every single person he sees as 'strong' to join the boxing club he is in at school, with not much success. He is known to have great boxing skills in the Mafia Famiglias.

    He is a person who doesn't back off anything, who hates to turn and likes straight lines, even if that means he'll crash in a wall; luckily for him he is smart enough to understand that turning the corner of a street is better than destroying other people's prorieties.

    Sasagawa does everything he can to protect his friends and family, placing his life on the line more than necessary. If it is because of his skills or pure luck that he lives, no one is sure about it. But one thing is for sure: he's strong minded and firm in his position, never backing away from his duties as man or leader.

    Last little thing: he's oblivious to danger, a not all too smart person, always doing everything with all the determination he can give it, eats like a black hole and is obsessed with training.

    Likes: Training, boxing, his friends, food, girls, morning runs
    Dislikes: Bad people, death, needles.
    Fears: Losing his friends, his strength to protect his friends, losing his boxes and ring.

    Character Information
    Race: Sorcerer
    World: New York
    Job: Hitman
    Grade: 9th Grade
    Rank: -

    Ryohei is a master in boxing for his age. His 'natural' power is that of his hard and daily training: his physical strength surpasses that of a regular adult and his speed and endurance is surely superior to that of most people. He has a fantastic footwork, giving him an afterimage when used at full power.

    Family Ring:
    Ryohei, as any recognized Hitman, gained a Guardian ring, filled with the flames of an element related to the sky; his would be that of the sun, power of the acceleration of the cells, involving that of fast healing or strengthening the his natural powers, like giving him higher speed, stronger punches, better resistance to the hits he gets, etc.
    The Ring is fueled with his "Dying Will" also called "Determination", that take form of pure yellow flames.

    Weapon Boxes:
    Along with his family ring, Ryohei gained several weapon boxes, filled with different powers.
    - The first one contains a kangaroo, wearing boxing gloves and a rejunevating front pocket, in which his special gloves and headgear are contained. The special boxing material gives him an extra boost in his strength and speed. The kangaroo's flame is on it's forehead and will keep on burning as long as the user decides to pour energy in it.
    - In the second box, a golden feather is to be found. It can heal himself and eventual companions. The Dying Will flame surrounds it.
    - In the third box, the Vongola Guardian box, it contains special gear for his kanguroo, whom can then fuse with Ryohei's special gear, letting him go above all human limits in speed and strength for three minutes precise.
    - In the fourth box, the Sun Boots box, contains a device that allows Ryohei to fly by blasting him off emitting Sun flames through the soles. Ryohei is the only member of the Vongola Famiglia who uses them.
    - In the fifth box, the Sun Bike, a motorboke that floats above the ground and that is fueled by Ryohei's dying will flames. It is his favorite box and is most often used by him to travel.

    Maximum Cannon:
    Ryohei Sasagawa's signature attack: a punch strong enough to break boulders and even destroy buildings. The attack works by concentrating all the energy in his cells into one punch. Thus, Ryohei keeps his right fist in perfect condition for times of great need.

    Maximum Ingram:
    This uses high speed footwork to multiply the number of blows dealt by the original Maximum Cannon attack. This creates the illusion that he is striking three places at once.

    Maximum Combination:
    A high speed range of punches using both arms. While it is not as strong as other attacks, it is almost impossible to dodge.

    Sunshine Counter:
    While having it's ring activated this technique is accessible. It uses the damage previously taken and fires it in a blast of sun flames. The more damage taken before it is used, the more damage it deals. Once release, it takes the form of a burning sun, with solar flares coming out of it, and then it shoots in a direct blast that destroys anything it touches.

    Sunshine Uppercut:
    A powerful uppercut that can be powered up when more damage is taken prior to usage. Similar to Sunshine Counter, it creates the sun like figure and releases the blast, this time, raising instead


    Boxing: Ryohei is only fifteen, age that is not to forget. His body may have been trained to a close perfection, but he is still prone to fatigue, wounds and pain like any other human. The techniques as Maximum Cannon are also limited: used above 5 times in less than a day will give him bad injuries that needs hospitalisation.

    Family Ring:
    The Ring can only be activated by Ryohei's determination. If he doesn't have any, nor any death wish, none of his powers are usable. Also, he has a limit of time to use it; dying will flames are made after all with his energy that he gathers while eating.

    Weapon Boxes:
    The Weapon boxes can only be opened if the ring is activated. The Kanguroo only will act if Ryohei keeps on pouring determination in the flames that fuels it. Same for the two other boxes. And the third box's power is only activated for three whole minutes. After that time, Ryohei will need some time to recover his normal speed, recovery that can take days depending on the damage he sustained.

    Other Information
    Family: He wishes to gain a sister, wish that might never be accomplished.
    Extra: -



    Ryohei has alwyas been targeted as far as he can remember. Since he was a child, he and his parents were fighting and running, until they died.
    Trying to get a normal life, he settled down in New York and entered the school there. But peace didn't last long.
    Ryohei was targeted by the Kokuyo gang due to his status as Namimori Middle School's fifth strongest. He was badly injured by Ken (a mercenary) and lost five teeth, resulting in him being hospitalized. He later lied to his familiglia as to how he received his wounds.

    A month later Ryohei was chosen as the Guardian of the Sun and was given a half Vongola Ring. In order to prepare for the Varia's (a squad specialized in killing) oncoming arrival, Colonnello, a great boxer, became Ryohei's home tutor, and the two departed to a mountainous region. It is during this time that Ryohei trained by relaxing his body as opposed to exerting himself. Colonello also shot Ryohei with a special bullet that risked death but ultimately allowed him to unleash a mighty blow called Maximum Cannon.
    Ryohei became the first to fight, in the Sun Ring Battle against the Varia martial arts expert Lussuria. Ryohei who was immediately disadvantaged due to overhead floodlights in the Sun Arena, preventing him from seeing (Lussuria already had sunglasses), then had both fists broken after punching Lussuria's Metal Knee. However, thinking about the future of his future friends, Ryohei gained enough motivation to smash Lussuria's metal knee as well as his leg, ending his use of Muay Thai. He gained the other half of his ring, proving his real worth as Hitman.

    Ryohei met a year later, a young man, named Fong. Having always been versed into boxing, he got interested in the slow, regular moves of the martial arts fighter, and simply approached him with his usual cheerfulness.
    "Train me to the extreme!" he exclaimed to the young man.
    "Alright." replied Fong kindly to him. "What do you want to know?"
    "Teach me to be the extremliest manliest boxer!"
    The man nodded, his brown eyes twinkling in joy and interest.
    "Then tell me, how can you catch a leaf that falls and is yet too high for you to reach?"
    "You jump!" was the immediate reply.
    Fong shook his head, chuckling softly.
    "I am sorry to tell you that I won't be able to teach you then. Please, come back once you have the answer for me."
    And on that, the chinese walked away, leaving a confused Ryohei behind.
    Ryohei forgot in less than an hour about it and moved onto something else, that probably (certainly) involved boxing. The next day, as he passed near the same spot, he saw Fong once more. He got asked the same question again and once more he got refused as student.
    It went on like that for a month. But Ryohei persisted and kept on failing. Time passed and a friendship was formed. But peace didn't last long. Once more, evil went after the happiness and Fong got intertwined in a mafia battle, dreadful event Ryohei had hoped to avoid.
    Fong died in his arms, when he reached the hospital, too late. In his last breath, Fong had explained him that patience was needed to catch a leaf, patience Ryohei lacked and replaced with persistance. You needed to wait for the leaf to fall in your hands; moving would only make the leaf dance along with the wind.
    "To grow stronger, you need patience to be able to wait for the right moment to strike."
    Ryohei would remember those words until the day he died, even though he didn't grasp the full meaning of it.

    Now, the teenager is going to school, like any other Middle Schooler and hopes that he would finally get a real job as Hitman once more.
    Sasagawa Ryohei
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    Sasagawa Ryohei - Sun Guardian - Empty Re: Sasagawa Ryohei - Sun Guardian -

    Post by Juliet Regan III on Sun Mar 20, 2011 5:42 pm

    REALLY LONG... but anyway, approved by me.
    Just in case though, I'd talk to Lucian and see what he thinks about it, get a second approval.
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    Sasagawa Ryohei - Sun Guardian - Empty Re: Sasagawa Ryohei - Sun Guardian -

    Post by Lucian Wayland on Tue Mar 22, 2011 4:34 pm

    Looks fine, approved

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    Sasagawa Ryohei - Sun Guardian - Empty Re: Sasagawa Ryohei - Sun Guardian -

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