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Daemon Spade

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Daemon Spade Empty Daemon Spade

Post by Daemon Spade on Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:08 am

General Information
Name: Daemon Spade
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5'10
Weight: 165lbs
DOB: 10/24
Death Day: 10/24
Daemon Spade SoulBlader
Personality: Daemon is a very calm, laid back person. He tends not to stress over tough situations. However he can be impulsive under certain circumstances. He is mostly kind though has a cold side to him when dealing with people he dislikes. He tends to flirt to most woman even if he doesn’t mean to. He likes being with his friends laughing the day away.
Likes: humans, night time, looking at the stars
Dislikes: hollows, demons, and arrancar/espada
Fears: Having no purpose, Being useless, and Loss

Character Information
Powers: Sonic Speed, Inhuman Strength, Telekinesis
World: New York
Grade: 12th

Other Information
Family: none


"Many people say, 'Get over it, you'll live' to any sort of pain or discrepancy in this world. Anything that seems to go wrong from the smallest miscalculation to the biggest regret you've ever made. I really hate that expression. My whole life has been a “miscalculation“...". I was born 17 years ago on October 24. I am the bastard son of demon and human. I’m a hybrid and do to my power my mother was killed giving birth to me. I was raised by my grandfather on his farm all my life until a few years ago. This was do to the fact that at 14 my powers truly began to surface. My body began to change and I was reborn into a new more demonic form. Due to this I became an outcast even to my family therefore I escaped into the forest. There I met my true father who told me that had been watching over me and was awaiting the time I would mature into my true form. Angered by the fact that my own father abandoned me at birth I attacked him. This however was a bad decision on my part as I was utterly defeated. He then began explaining that in order to survive in this world, you must learn to control your natural, demonic abilities. He trained me in the sword and in that we discovered two of my latent abilities which were my extreme speed and enormous strength. My final ability however was rather unique. My father realized this ability as I slept when I had a nightmare he began to see that the environment by a psychic ability. When I awoke he explained to me that I was a telekinetic and that it was my most powerful ability. After that day my father continuously trained me to control my powers for 2 year. Eventually it came to the eve of my 16th birthday and my father told me that all he could teach me had already been taught to me and that it was time for us to part. He said that I had to learn to be on my own. He left me with a handcrafted sword and told me that he was proud to call me his son. Well that’s my story though its all in the past now. It all seems so long ago especially since a lot has happened in the last year. But that’s my life I’m just another half blood trying to survive.“
Daemon Spade
Daemon Spade

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Daemon Spade Empty Re: Daemon Spade

Post by Juliet Regan III on Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:12 am

Accepted. Welcome.
Juliet Regan III
Juliet Regan III

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