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Known "Races"

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Known "Races" Empty Known "Races"

Post by Erubus Patronus on Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:30 pm

Witches - Female beings who control "magic". Few remain and its unknown if more then one still exists (Contact Juliet Regan III if you wish to be one)
Warlock - Male beings who control "magic".
Sorceress - Female beings who control a concentrated form of magic and must focus and project it through things like rings
Sorcerer - Male beings who control a concentrated form of magic and must focus and project it through things like rings
Ninja - There are several different kind of ninja, however the most well known are those who utalize one of the three ninja skills "Ninjutsu"(magic like skills), "Taijutsu"(Physical combat), or "Genjutsu"(Illusions)
Humans - Simple Humans, some have dormant physic powers but usually do not.
Hollows - A race of creatures which are born from Human souls who, for various reasons, do not cross over to the afterlife. Known for there masked faces and "Cero"
Arrancar - A sub race of Hollow. These beings have surpassed there fellow hollows and gained increased powers and acquired shingami abilities.
Knights and Swordsmen - People who have mastered swords and/or other combat weapons. Usually live by a "knight's Code" and tend to serve the Royalty
Soul Reapers - A race of spiritual beings that act as enforcers and psychopomps who all share similar supernatural powers. They are souls with a high level of innate Spiritual Energy.
Visored - A sub race of Soul reapers how have gained hollow like abilities.
Gods of Element - The ancient gods that have ruled the elements from the beginnings of time themselves have come to exist in this world as well. They are immensely powerful and indestructible, so they claim. Not one person can defeat them.
Psychics - sychics are psychics. You are free to pick whether you are clairvoyant (able to see the future), a telepathic, a telekinetic and so on and so forth.
-PM me if you have any other races in mind you would like to add-

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Known "Races" Empty Re: Known "Races"

Post by Erubus Patronus on Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:56 pm

The "Eight Warriors of Erubus." These beings are all Demons who have been summoned by Erubus each one will need a person to role play as them.

Each one will have a different specific skill they have, but all of them have a minor degree of
Telepathy; being that they can read the minds of others and communicate with each other via the mind.
Strength; Have slightly more strength then humans
Speed; Have above average speed
Senses; Each of there senses are more developed then humans

The power you give them is up to you, but it must be approved by myself first.

Name - Gender
Lucifer - Male
Lust - Female
Gluttony - Unknown
Greed - Unknown
Sloth - Unknown
Wrath - Unknown
Envy - Unknown
Pride - Unknown

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