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Post by Ven Caelum on Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:58 pm

Name: Mountain-Crushing Shield
Incantation: "Break!"
Type: Bakudo
Description: Mountain-Crushing Shield is a Bakudo Kido used by Ven Caelum. The user will stretch out either both hands or one and generate a large glowing circular shield made entirely of his Spiritual energy.
Limits: There aren't any drawbacks for this technique.

Name: Cloud Cage
Incantation: "Jail em up!"
Type: Bakudo
Description: Cloud Cage is a Bakudo Kido used by Ven Caelum. The user will cause large pillars of Lightning to rise from the ground and close at the top, imprisoning any object inside. Attempting to escape will result in electrocution.
Limits: Using this Kido will drain some energy from the user.

Name: Heavenly Chain Missiles
Incantation: "Lock on!"
Type: Hado
Description: Heavenly Chain Missiles is a Hado Kido utilized by Ven Caelum. The user will clap their hands together, forming a vertical halo in front of them. Guided missiles will shoot out from the
halo and will be directed towards the target.
Limits: Much like other powerful Kido, this drains Spiritual energy.

Name: Lightning Arcs
Incantation: "Slice and Dice!"
Type: Hado
Description: Lightning Arcs is a Hado Kido utilized by Ven Caelum. The user will send arcs of Lightning compressed energy from their Zanpakuto. These arcs have high cutting power and can send electric currents through anything they touch.
Limits: Uses up energy.
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