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Jin Hasagawa ~The new hope for this world~

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Jin Hasagawa ~The new hope for this world~

Post by Jin Hasagawa on Sun Feb 20, 2011 6:30 pm

General Information
Name:Jin Hasagawa
Gender:Male Female or Male?
DOB:January 13th
Appearance:Profile pic
Personality:For a sophomore in high school Jin's intellect is actually quite amazing. He is known for his ability to solve various puzzles and problems in short time. He also has great intuition allowing him to decide on peoples emotions when they do not tell him. In simpler words he reads their emotions. Finally Jin being a possessed human has somewhat of a Multiple personality disorder issue in which the other three warriors in his mind switch over to do battle. In the warrior release mindset Jin becomes slightly more aggressive while maintaining quite impressive composure. In the swordsman release form Jin will reveal his polite mannerisms while he will skillfully execute his attacks. Finally the priest release will change jin in to a quite and protective person. He will choose the quick and most painless path to end a confrontation donning a complete personality change like the other two warriors.
Likes:Puzzles, Science, Stories, Manga, Anime, Weapons and learning of ancient warriors
Dislikes:Video games, humid days, being bored.
Fears:Living a dull life, The apocalypse, Letting down the people he cares for.

Character Information
Race:Human ~Possessed~

Other Information
Extra:Possessed human


Bio:Jin lived a normal life among his fellow peers in the human world without a care in the world. However one day when he was 14 years old he was out with his parents at a market when a robber came by murdering both of his parents in plain sight. Jin had managed to run away from the scene to go back home and in order to maintain his sanity refused to believe that the incident ever happened. So he lived alone in his house as he continued his schooling and got a part time job in order to buy food for himself. With the insurance from his parents he was able to pay off the bills for the house as he declared himself legally emancipated so that the school wouldn't look much into his story. So he continued to live a normal life studying everyday in order to fill the empty void he had deep inside which dramatically benefited his grades.
Then one day on a field trip to the Japanese gardens Jin came across a hidden shrine that was built to honor three forgotten warriors in the past. He had always been interested in such stories he went to investigate. Little did he know that in doing so he became the vessel for the wondering spirits of the warriors that were trapped within the shrine himself. The warriors are using his body as a holder in order to protect the land they swore to protect when they were alive. Only problem Jin doesn't know they exist....
Make it appropriate, this counts as your RP sample if we don't find it long enough for your character's age you will be denied.
Jin Hasagawa
Jin Hasagawa

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Re: Jin Hasagawa ~The new hope for this world~

Post by Erubus Patronus on Sun Feb 20, 2011 6:32 pm

Looks good, Approved young human..have fun in my new world.

Erubus Patronus

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Re: Jin Hasagawa ~The new hope for this world~

Post by Jin Hasagawa on Sun Feb 20, 2011 6:33 pm

Young human? What do you mean aren't we all humans? -he blinks-
Jin Hasagawa
Jin Hasagawa

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Re: Jin Hasagawa ~The new hope for this world~

Post by Sponsored content

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