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    Ven Caelum [Done]

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    Ven Caelum [Done] Empty Ven Caelum [Done]

    Post by Ven Caelum on Wed Feb 16, 2011 3:32 am

    General Information

    Name: Ven Caelum
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'8 ft
    Weight: 126lb
    DOB: 4.18
    Appearance: Ven is a very handsome young man, or should I say Shinigami. He has a light colored skin complexion, a little tan colored. His eyes are an onyx color and he apparently has bags developing below his eyes. Ven's hair is silver in color and messy in style. The bangs hang down to the top section of his eyebrows. Although he rarely smiles, his teeth are as white as snow. Since he dislikes wearing normal clothing and instead wears a white button down shirt and white pajama bottoms; he wears boxers under so do not be alarmed. Everthing, excluding footwear, he wears is white, including the socks. For the feet he wears black slippers, yes, slippers. To summarize it, his attire isn't so ordinary, especially for a shinigami.

    Personality: Ven is probably one of the most cautious people out there, always thing things through before taking action. He's very intelligent and he's a great strategist when it comes to fighting. He is also level-headed and has the habit of exaggerating the end results of minor things. Aside from all of that, Ven is packed with inertia, which means he is lazy! But don't underestimate him, he's very skilled at fighting.

    Likes: Rain, Pastry, Penguins, and Soul Society.

    Dislikes: Hollows, Arrancars, Evil, and Demons.

    Character Information
    Race: Shingami
    World: Soul Society
    Job: None
    Grade: None
    Rank: Captain

    Zanpakuto Information Zanapakuto

    Name: Furasshusupia (Flash Spear)
    Release Phrase: "Spark"
    Level: Bankai
    Manifestation: The spirit of the Furasshusupia is a young man, about twenty seven years of age. He has long white hair that is spiked back and tan colored skin. His eyes are ocean blue and across his body are glowing tribal marks that are white in color. Furasshu, his name for short, does not wear anything over his upper body. He does, however, wear the Shinigami bottom clothing with sandals.

    Sealed State Description: The Fusshusupia, when in sealed state, is a small Penguin toy with a lightning bolt on it's stomach.

    Shikai Form Description: When in Shikai form the Fusshusupia is a small Tanto. The metal of the blade gives off a magnificent shine and the hilt is porcelin wrapped with a onyx colored silk.

    Shikai Ability: In Shikai form, the blade can extend and retract at high speeds. It can also generate high volts of electricity and send powerful currents.

    Bankai Name: Borutokatta (Bolt Cutter)
    Bankai Release Phrase: "Thunder clap!"
    Bankai Description: None have seen the Bankai form of Fusshusupia, but boy is it a beauty that Ven has witnessed. When in this form the weapon takes on an Odach form and the blade gives off a white glow. The hilt is still made of the fine porcelin and wrapped in onyx silk. Carved into the metal are the Kanji symbols for "Bolt" and "Cutter".

    Bankai Ability: In Bankai form the blade is enveloped in a radiating light and generates electric fields and currents. It can also extend and retract very quickly, faster than before. Not to mention its extraordinary cutting power. Another main ability is the power to transfer an overwhelming amount of electrons and energy into an object, severely burning the area where the blade cut into. (This means that if one is impaled by the blade, the area around the blade will be burned internally and externally, about a two inch radius.)

    Other Information

    Family: Nox Caelum - Brother

    Relationships: None


    Bio: Ven was born in the Soul Society to a single mother, a Shinigami named Ranmetsu Caelum. His biological had died three months before his son's birth. The youngest of two, the eldest being his brother Nox. After turning the age of five, human years, his mother had enrolled him in the Spiritual Academy. In the Academy Ven learned how to use Spiritual Energy and attained his Zanpakuto. For eight long years he was taught how to be a Shinigami. Training consisted of performing Soul Burials, cleanse the sould of Hollows and for some, govern the Soul Society. Ven was one of the most outstanding Shinigami and because of his skill became a Captain, one of the youngest.

    Unfortunately for him, he was framed by a member of the Gotei 13 . Accused of tampering with Humans and killing one, Ven was going to be executed. If it wasn't for his mother he would have died, instead, he was exiled from Soul Society. To this day he spends his time in the human world awaiting for the time to return to Soul Society and bring the unrighteous justice!

    (More to come through RP)

    Ven Caelum
    Ven Caelum

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    Ven Caelum [Done] Empty Re: Ven Caelum [Done]

    Post by Juliet Regan III on Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:22 am

    Very well, you are approved.
    Welcome to the site, just take note again to the various ones already on the site, I know you're strong but don't be overbearing. I wanna keep the environment fair. ^^
    Juliet Regan III
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