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Yume Oni ~The Demon of Your Dreams

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Yume Oni ~The Demon of Your Dreams

Post by Yume Oni on Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:25 am

General Information

Name: Yume Oni
Gender: Female
Age: Estimated 115
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 104lbs
Human DOB: August 1
Death Day: N/A
Human Form

Personality: Yume is a mix between playful and naive and a slight secretive nature. She'll put out a happy front but hides an inner conflict between her happiness and nature. When she's 'owned' she will take the views of right and wrong that her master posseses.

Likes: Meat, Fighting, and playing tag.
Dislikes: Akumu, wizards, rain.
Fears: Rain, being alone, being defeated for Oni Master.

Character Information
Powers: Can cast Illusions based on victim's dreams. Steal Souls. Minor healing. Open portals from Hell.
World: New York
Grade: ???

Other Information
Family: Many Oni clan brothers. Yume is the only girl. She has a twin brother named Akumu Oni.
Extra: Yume Oni is a soul stealing demon. The last soul she ate was a power wizard's who placed a curse on her that whoever wore the demon's necklace could control her.


Bio: Yume was born the only daughter to 20 brothers and a twin brother named Akumu. Growing up she was usually the last to train and play. Through the first 50 years she spent training at home with her brother. Soon a rivalary bloomed between them. Yume gained the powers of her mother, an illusion demon while Akumu inheritated the evil nightmare powers of their father.

The next fifty years the twins spent traveling with each other to the human world to feast on humans souls. Yume's powers increased rapidly, Akumu started to get jealous. He tricked Yume into stealing the soul of a powerful wizard. When she did the old man placed a curse onto Yume, binding her to a necklace.
(I'll make it better later...)
Yume Oni
Yume Oni

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Re: Yume Oni ~The Demon of Your Dreams

Post by Juliet Regan III on Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:25 am

You're approved, welcome to the site.
Remember to have fun. ^^
Juliet Regan III
Juliet Regan III

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