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    Lucian jr. Wayland

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    Lucian jr. Wayland Empty Lucian jr. Wayland

    Post by Lucian Wayland on Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:04 pm

    General Information
    Name: Lucian(Luke) Jr. Wayland
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 103lbs
    DOB: December 31
    Appearance: Lucian has a pale complexion and a grayish blue eye color, while Luke's are a reddish color. His body is well built, being thin yet very muscular. His hair is long and black, usually held up in a pony tail. His school where involves a simple pair of black jeans and a button down shirt, however he usually only leaves on or two of the buttons closed if any, which reveals his well toned chest. His casual wear involves yet another set of black jeans and a black t-shirt.
    (See first picture for school outfit and second for hair)
    Lucian jr. Wayland Ryan02
    Lucian jr. Wayland Number1lestatlol
    Personality: Lucian is a kind caring young man who has a tendency to lose his mind. Do the the over use of his brain from having three separate psychic powers, now and again he will "black out" as another personality reveals itself. Lucian enjoys running and working out and loves being with his friends. Lucian enjoys using his powers but also has a slight fear of them going out of control so he tries not to use them to much. Do to his "muscle mimicry" ability after viewing things just once he can mimic that action perfectly, however more often then not he does not know he can do said action till his body just does it on instinct. Lucian has a deep fear of "magic" which he classifies as different from his skills, his skills involve ether the mind or his body while "magic" involves things not involving the body or mind.

    Luke(the other personality), is more dark and prefers to be alone. He enjoys to see how far he can push his powers and isn't afraid to use them on others. Unlike Lucian, Luke loves to push his powers and knows he won't lose control so has no fear in pushing his powers and also knows every single thing there body is capable of. Luke has no fear of magic like Lucian does, but instead finds it interesting.

    Do to living in the Psych ward as well as because of Luke many people fear Lucian and do there best not to anger him.
    Likes: Running, being with friends, working out, tea, and energy drinks
    Dislikes: Green&White vegetables, school work, and guys who don't treat girls with respect.
    Fears: Magic, Death, and the loss of friends(Only Lucian, Luke has no fears.)

    Character Information
    Race: Psychic Human
    Job: None
    Grade: 10th
    Psychic abilities:
    Adoptive muscle memory, also referred to as muscle mimicry, is the ability to replicate any physical action after seeing it performed once. (Can perminitly remember anything he has seen once)
    Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with the mind. (Can lift anything under 125 pounds)
    Telepathy is the ability to mentally control any function the brain controls, hearing other people's thoughts, scanning the memory of other people and sending thoughts directly to other people's minds. (Can hear people's thoughts, scan memories, and can even project his voice directly into another's mind, and push simple thoughts into another's mind.)

    Other Information
    Father: Lucian Sr. Wayland
    -Age: 36
    -Description: Lucian is a car salesmen. He refuses to have anything to do with his son both do to fear and anger. Doesn't know Lucian attends school. No known Physic powers.
    Mother: Alexandra Wayland
    -Age: 35
    -Description: Alexandra is a stay at home mom. She fears her son greatly but will still send an occasional letter to the Psych ward to let him know how things are going at home. Doesn't know Lucian attends school. No known Physic powers.
    Sister: Vanessa Wayland -Adoptable-
    -Age: 13
    -Description: Vanessa is an 8th grader, and unlike her parents does not fear her brother at all. She is a straight A student and when not studying likes to go out with her brother, all the while lieing to her parents saying she is going out with friends. She has dormant telekinetic powers.
    Extra: Can speak many languages, more in some of others but can at least say a few words in just about any language. This is do to his muscle mimicry ability.


    Lucian is the son of Lucian Wayland Sr. and Alexandra Wayland, as well as the older brother of Vanessa Wayland. He was born 15 years ago on exactly midnight on December 31 at 12:59:59 (one second before midnight). As a small child he appeared to be a normal child except for the fact his eyes changed colors depending on his mood. As he grew up this fact continued, but his parents began to realize why, Julian had a condition known as multiple personality disorder. There was there kind and caring son Julian and a darker version who they began calling Luke. His parents thought since they caught it at an early age maybe they could fix it, or even just get Luke to be nicer. However as time went by they realized this was impossible. Luke was only nice to one person, his younger sister Vanessa. The two siblings where very close and had been since Vanessa was born. However do to an accident soon after he turned 13 which involved Luke harming his parents leaving them both with physical and mental scares Lucian was placed in a mental hospital. This is where he began learning of his abilities and began pushing them learning how to control them. For almost two years Lucian and Luke played "nice" until the mental hospital was finally over run by the psychics. Lucian now goes to the local high school along with his sister and is one of the track teams fastest runners.

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    Lucian jr. Wayland Empty Re: Lucian jr. Wayland

    Post by Juliet Regan III on Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:52 pm

    Approved. Welcome... I hope we get along~
    Juliet Regan III
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