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Erubus Patronus [DONE] Empty Erubus Patronus [DONE]

Post by Erubus Patronus on Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:50 pm

General Information
Name: Erubus Patronus
Gender: Male
Age: His True age is about 275; his family thinks him to be about 45 and he appears to be in his late 20's
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs
DOB: November 13th
Erubus Patronus [DONE] Necromancer
Personality: Erubus has a dark personality, he doesn't care for much except for having another son who will fallow in his path and gaining more power. He dislikes his daughter and his eldest son do to there fear and them running away. He feels the two of them didn't have the power and mental strength in order to deal with his intense training, and plans to hunt them both down and kill them.
Likes: Black Magic, Death, Blood
Dislikes: His daughter, White Magic, Sorcerers
Fears: Never having another son, Dieing, and loosing his powers

Character Information
Race: Warlock
World: New York
Job: ---
Grade: ---
Rank: King
Pyrokinesis - The ability to control and make fire with one's mind.
True name spells - Knowing a person or animal's true name allows control over that being, making this wrong for the same reason. This can also be used as a connection to the other person, or to free them from another's compulsion.
Immortality - While having not obtained true imortality, his body ages at a slower rate; only aging a single year for every ten that passes. His body also heals abnormally fast, a wound that would take a normal person weeks or even months will heal in a matter of hours-days.
Necromancy - A form of magic in which the practitioner seeks to summon the spirit of a deceased person, either as an apparition or ghost, or to raise them bodily
Curses/Hexes - A curse can be as simple as wishing something bad would happen to another, to a complex ritual.
Demon Magic - Magic involving Demon blood, stronger then normal black magic. This magic needs demon blood to flow through the body of the user.
Telepathy - The ability to mentally control any function the brain controls, hearing other people's thoughts, scanning the memory of other people and sending thoughts directly to other people's minds
Telekinesis - The ability to to control with the mind.
Aura reading - Perception of the energy fields surrounding people, places, and things.
Astral projection - An out-of-body experience in which an "astral body" becomes separate from the physical body.
Shapeshifting - The ability to change one's shape.
Night Vision - Able to see clearly even in complete darkness.
Time/Space Manipulation - The ability to manipulate space and time.
Shadow Manipulation - Able to control shadows around him.

Limitations: Do to his age, many of his skills are pushed to there full potential, while others that he has acquired recently are still minimal in control and skill.
Pyrokinesis - Can create and control large amounts of red fire
True name spells - Knowing the true name of a person will allow him complete control over said being. (Knows the true name of most animals as well as his first born son)
Immortality - Over use of the body's healing properties causes him to weaken rapidly. Unless killed could very well live well over one thousand years.
Necromancy - Can rise an undead army in a matter of seconds. Can only raise the dead if they are within a 15m radius of him. Can control the undead for several weeks before there body will disintegrate. Can summon ghosts/spirits even if not by there grave.
Curses/Hexes - His knowledge of curses and hexes is vast and can place several different kinds of curses on people with much ease
Demon Magic - Do to demonic blood running through his veins he can control magic that is usually only known by demons, however since the blood was not originally his, his control over this power is very little.
Telepathy - He can read the mind of anyone within a 50ft radius of him, can push thoughts into a person if there touching, can push farther into the brain to read all thoughts (present and past) within a 15ft radius, can control a person to do a single thing if they come into physical contact.
Telekinesis - Can move/lift things using only his mind that weigh less then 250lbs, can lift himself allowing himself to do anything from hover above the ground to jump up to 350 ft in the air, if he focuses enough he can cut into things using his mind alone.
Aura reading - He is able to read people's emotions and find out if there lieing or not by reading there aura
Astral projection - He is able to have his 'soul' leave his body and act as a ghost in order to spy on others. If the soul goes more then 75m away from the body it will sever completely causing there physical body to die.
Shapeshifting - Able to change his body to the appearence of any animal, he is also capable of limiting the change to selected area's; for example he almost always has his nails and teeth pointed much like the claws and teeth of a wild animal.
Night Vision - He has no known limit to this ability. He can see clearly in even the most darkest of places as well if not even better then he can in the day.
Time/Space Manipulation - Much like his daughter he can control space and time. However his ability is much more limited, only allowing himself and one other(if he pushes himself) to go through time and/or space.
Shadow Manipulation - He is able to freely control all the shadows surrounding him.

Other Information
Wife - Dead
Son - Unknown
Daughter - Lily Sage Patronus
Extra: Has an accent somewhere between an english and russian accent. Normally he can hide this, however when overly angered it reveals itself.


Bio: Erubus was born over 200 years ago in another dimension with the name "Andrew Patronus". He was born to the royal family, and do to this had a high skill in magic. Over time his skill with magic began to take to the darker side. This feared his parents causing the to try and seal away his magic. Which angered him and do to his anger taking control he killed his parents. Seeing there death a new fear began to grow, the possibility he might one day die. DO to this he began to dable in the arts of immortality and after much search and trial and error he was able to somewhat aquire this, his body began to age slower and heal much faster, now ageing at about 1 year for every seven that went by.

However this began to rise suspision and he began to cast illusions over his kingdom to make him age, time and time again he would spread the illusion that he had married and given birth to a son, and each time soon after the "son" grew to about the age 20 he would take on the roll of the son and act out his new life under a new name as the next king. This went on for several generations till about 45 or so years ago when he finally truly fell in love, and married giving birth to a son. His son grew up with him and his wife(who unknown to all was a witch) and had strong magical abilities, which Erubus pushed to its limits until his son could no longer take it and ran away.

Do to his son leaving Erubus began to loss his mind and began beating his wife and forcing her to continue to try and have another child, this was finally successful after about five years had passed they gave birth to a daughter. Erubus yet again pushed his new child to her limits both magicly and physically. When he was not training her with magic he was torturing her in order to build up her physical strength and resistance to pain. However around her thirteenth birthday Erubus's daughter dissapered tearing a rift in space fleeing from his dimension.

Erubus soon fallowed her however before going on to the dimension his daughter did he stopped in hell in an attempt to increase his powers he killed a demon and began injecting the demon's blood into his blood stream.

Erubus now resides in the area you know as "New York" where he acts as "King" do to making scientists believe he was a descendant of one of the legendary kings of the past, King Arthur.[/color]

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Erubus Patronus [DONE] Empty Re: Erubus Patronus [DONE]

Post by Juliet Regan III on Sun Feb 13, 2011 4:32 am

Approved... you seem familiar. Father?
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