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Post by Jonas Lumen on Mon Feb 07, 2011 3:59 am

General Information
Name: Jonas Lumen
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115lbs
DOB: 1/12
Appearance: Jonas stands at five foot, three inches, and weighs in at about 115 pounds. He has a more of a mocoa colored skin (most likely inherited from his mother). He has ocean blue eyes, and puffy brown hair, which he rarely takes care of it, usually leaving it in an afro. He has an athletic body type, specifically the body of a runner. This is a result from all the freerunning he has done. He may seem skinny upon first glance, but when he is shirtless, it is showed that he is very toned in his chest and arms, even having a six pack. His calves are toned aswell, since he is a runner. He usually is found in a white-beater, along with a brown dress shirt over it, usually unbuttoned. His lower body is cladded in a black skinny jeans, allowing him to move faster than he would with baggy ones on. He wears blue closed toed sneakers.
Personality: Jonas is very immature, and is skeptical about the whole ‘savior of earth’ thing. He loves being the center of attention and can be considered the class clown. Upon being teased up to the fourth grade because of his eye color (due to it being uncommon amongst his race) and his nerdish attitude, he decided to reinvent himself, boosting his more smart-ass and hyperactive demeanor. He is still a misfit, and needs to grow up alot, but, when push comes to shove, Jonas can prove himself to be a worthy adversary.
Likes: Jonas enjoys reading, playing video games and pretty girls. He is a typical boy.
Dislikes: He dislikes being told what to do, and bullied. He also HATES being called a little kid.
Fears: He fears that he will grow up to be nothing, live alone, and become a failure overall.

Character Information
Job: Patron Of The Light God; Guardian Of Earth
Grade: 9th

Other Information
Family: Father's name: Emmanuel Lumen I
-Age: 31
-Description: Emmanuel is an inventor, often creating toys for Jonas to play with as he grew up. He is very worried about his son and is just overprotective.
Mother's name: Adrianna Lumen
-Age: 29
-Description: Adrianna is a bus driver, and a caring mother. She is deeply concerned about her son, who she knows is the Patron Of Light. This being said, she doesn’t want to worry her husband, and decides to play it safe. For now.
Sibling's names and descriptions:
Sister’s Name: Annabela Lumen
-Age: 8
Description: A small and very intelligent girl. Nothing really gets past her.


Elements Light (Unlocked), Holy Water (Through RP), White Lightning (Through RP; Life Threatening Conditions), White Fire (Through RP; Life Threatening Conditions)
Life Force Manipulation (Ki); The manipulation of his energy. This energy is usually blue or white, and is projected, upon mass concentration, in waves of energy. When focused to a smaller degree, it can be released in shock waves.
Dark Energy Nullification; Due to being the Light God's Patron, he has the natural ability to fight against dark energy. This type of energy doesn't do a lot of damage to him, but he can still be affected.
Light Energy Blessing; Jonas has a natural affinity toward the element Light, and is well versed in that art, although he has no prior experience. It just seems to be natural.

Bio: Jonas comes from Forest Hills, New York, and lives a relatively normal life. Recently, he has had the same recurring dream. An angel, who went by the name Gabriel, visiting him and telling him that he is the Light God's guardian. Jonas disregards this, and goes on with his life. After being transferred to a new school, and finding out he has all these wierd powers, maybe his dreams weren't JUST dreams.

(Further developed in RP)

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Post by Erubus Patronus on Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:22 pm


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